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Let’s Get Wisconsin Working Again
Join me to create more jobs, better schools, affordable healthcare, cleaner energy and lakes. Here are proven plans how we can do that and reverse the backward slide that Governor Walker has put us into.

More Jobs

As a small business owner, long time county official, and development corporation board member, I know how to create jobs. That’s why I stood up to Scott Walker’s efforts and extreme budget that kills jobs by slashing investment in job training, our children, schools, healthcare, University of Wisconsin system, local government, and recycling to pay for a $2 billion giveaway to large corporations and ineffective tax credits.

A UW economist told the Wisconsin State Journal that the Walker cuts could cost more than 22,000 jobs. And they have.

That’s why we are 2nd in the nation in job losses and 35th in the nation in creating new jobs.

And all these extreme cuts were unnecessary. Gov. Walker’s statement that we were ‘broke and $3 billion in debt’ was rated a ‘Pants on Fire’ lie by PolitifactWI and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. We had a budget surplus.

During the over 60 hours of Assembly debate, I offered a number of amendments to fix the Walker Unfair Despair Act 10.

My Get Wisconsin Working Plan restores funding for job training, our schools, UW system, healthcare, and it would invest in building projects that will get our people working again while keeping our budget balanced.

Better Schools

My mother has taught English for 37 years at public schools and taught me the importance of good schools to our children and our future.

She also taught me to do my homework before I make a decision. That’s why I stood up to Scott Walker’s record cuts to our children and schools that have created more crowded classrooms across the state and laid off more than 3,400 teachers and staff so far, according to the State Department of Public Instruction.

My solution is a Save our Schools Plan that restores $1.5 billion for job training, our public schools, technical colleges and UW system, restores accountability and funds the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program, reduces class sizes, and requires world class standards for all our schools.

Together, we can make our schools the best in the nation.

Affordable Medicine and Healthcare for All

Making housecalls with my father, a family doctor, taught me the importance of healthcare and medicine for everyone. Running my small business, I know that healthcare is one of the top expenses and a big challenge for our families and employers.

That’s why I stood up when Governor Walker proposed killing the popular SeniorCare Program that helps our older citizens get affordable medicine. I joined Republican and Democratic legislators to stop Walker’s extreme move to make it harder for our seniors to get medicine.

Then Governor Walker wanted to cutting healthcare for 65,000 citizens, including 29,000 children. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said these cuts “risk hurting too many of Wisconsin's poor - especially kids.” That’s like taking medicine and heath care away from everyone in Eau Claire. That is wrong. I agree and joined 32 other legislators to opposing this.

We scaled his cuts back to 17,348 parents with children in the last budget, but now he is taking healthcare from 77,000 more. I think this was illegal and called for a federal investigation of it for healthcare fraud.

My Affordable Health Care Plan expands BadgerCare, SeniorCare, health care exchanges and community health care programs to create larger purchasing pools for small businesses, farmers, schools, local and state government so that they can improve health care while controlling costs.

Cleaner Energy Jobs

Let's stop the purchase of foreign energy sources to meet our renewable energy needs, and move forward with wind, solar and other clean energy sources.

Every year, Wisconsinites send $12.5 billion out of state for energy, costing us about 125,000 jobs. As an energy consultant, I have worked with businesses, grocery stores, advanced biofuel plants across our state on more than $1 billion in upgrade projects that created hundreds of jobs. But Governor Walker slashed funding for clean energy and efficiency programs by 40%. He also proposed some of the strongest wind energy restrictions in the nation that have threatened almost many wind energy jobs.

My Clean Energy Jobs Plan invests in energy efficiency projects on government and other buildings, creating thousands of jobs, and saving taxpayers money on energy bills. I also ban using out of country energy for our Renewable Energy Standard, while Governor Walker wants to allow it.

Cleaner Lakes, Drinking Water and Environment

My family and I love to fish, camp, hunt, bike, and hike across our beautiful state. That’s why I stood up to Scott Walker's attempts to weaken drinking water protections, delay rules to clean up our lakes, and cut money for clean water programs and jobs.

That’s why I want to create a Penokee Hills State Park instead of one of the world’s largest strip mines in northern Wisconsin. I always want to give oversight to the frac sand strip mining that is tearing up the western part of the state.

My Clean Lakes and Water Plan expands electricity-generating, cow-power manure digesters that we have pioneered here in Dane County to farmers across the state to create energy, jobs, and cleaner water. I restore funding to clean water, recycling and habitat conservation programs. I also stop Scott Walker’s efforts to weaken our Clean Water and other environmental health rules.

In summary, these are proven ways that we can get Wisconsin’s worker and government working again to build a better future.

I hope I can count on your support.

Thank you,

 Brett Hulsey for Governor Answers for the Wausau Chamber of Commerce 

Brett Hulsey for Governor Will Get Wausau, Marathon County Working Again

By State Representative Brett Hulsey

Thanks to the Wausau Chamber of Commerce for this opportunity to talk with your members.
As a Chamber member myself, I appreciate the good work you do to make your community a
better place and create jobs.

I hope to get back to Wausau soon and get a chance to talk with all of you personally. Next
winter, I also want to get some more skiing in a Granite Peak and 9 Mile Forest, two of my
favorite ski areas.

I am running for Governor to get Wisconsin working again and am the only governor candidate
with a practical plan to achieve that.

As a former math and science teacher, I will reinvest $1.1 billion in our school children and
schools. That will add almost $13,335,889 for Marathon County schools and put $13.5 million
back in your county’s economy, according to one study. That should create an estimated 260
jobs immediately at $100,000 per direct job. I don’t count indirect jobs which is likely twice

As an energy consultant, my Clean Energy Jobs Plan will invest $700 million to make your
schools, local and state buildings for more efficient and promote cost-effective renewable
energy to create more 11,000 jobs statewide.

For Marathon County, that would build on the good work you are already doing, could save
millions more, and give carpenters, electricians, and loggers jobs.

As a small business person, I want to exceed national job creation, while my August 12th
primary opponent’s jobs record lagged other states, according to the Milwaukee Journal

My August 12th opponent co-owns a non-union company that shipped 99% of its manufacturing
to China. I will stop spending your hard earned tax dollars to ship our jobs overseas and
continue my efforts to get that money back from companies that outsourced WI jobs.

As a life-long hunter and fisherman, I will protect our lakes and land. I was named a
Conservation Champion by the League of Conservation Voters and my 100% conservation
voting records shows I will work for better camping, hunting and fishing.

If you want real progress, I would appreciate your vote on August 12th. For more information,
go to www.Brett4us.org or call me on my cell phone, 608-334-4994.

Don’t forget, vote for Brett August 12th.

Wisconsin Governor Candidate Business Survey
July 2014

1. Please share your basic background information and explain why you believe that you are the
most qualified candidate to hold this position. In particular, please specifically address your
business-related qualifications.

Thanks to the Chamber for this opportunity to speak with your members. I have been visiting and working in Wausau for many years as a skier, and conservation advocate.

I started my own business, Better Environmental Solutions LLC, in my basement with $100. Like many people in Wisconsin, I was laid off and had an idea to create a company that focused on practical solutions that saved money, cut pollution, and created jobs.

My focus has been creating jobs in Wisconsin and I did just that helping grocery stores across Wisconsin to become more efficient with my Green Grocer CertificationTM, helped build two advanced biofuels plants, and did the biomass studies for a $1 billion project.

I have two great kids, Tyler, a sophomore at UW Milwaukee, and Lea attends Madison
Memorial High School. I was co-president of their PTO and volunteer at school all I can.

I helped build one of the first zero energy using homes in the nation, and am a trained
stonemason and carpenter, so I know what real, hard work looks like.

I also have more than 30 years experience in public service, 16 years in the State
Assembly and County Board, was a former Environmental Policy Advisor to President
Clinton, math and science teacher, and Volunteer in Service to America, VISTA volunteer
during the energy crisis.

In the State Legislature, I serve on the Assembly Jobs, Energy, Government Operations,
Ways and Means, and Tourism Committee, was a County Supervisor for 14 years serving
on many state and national committees.

My educational background, I have a Bachelors in Political Economy from Middlebury
College and a Masters in Natural Science and Zoology. I have studied at UW and
Dartmouth College Thayer Graduate School of Engineering. I was a nationally ranked
cross country ski racer in college and have done four Ironmen, the best was a 12:22. My
best marathon was under 3:05.

2. In your opinion, what is the single most important business-related issue facing Wisconsin in
the next 2 years and how are you specifically going to address that issue should you be

I am running for Governor to get Wisconsin working again and am the only governor
candidate with a practical plan to achieve that, my Get Wisconsin Working Again Plan.

As a former math and science teacher, I will reinvest $1.1 billion in our school children
and schools to train them to be better people and workers. That will add almost
$13,334,899 for Marathon County schools and put $13,544,132 million back in your
economy, according to one report. That should create about 2700 jobs.

As an energy consultant, my Clean Energy Jobs Plan will invest $700 million to make our
schools, local and state buildings for more efficient and promote cost-effective renewable energy to create 11,000 jobs, according to one independent study. For Marathon County, that could save millions and give workers at Kolbe Windows jobs.

As a small business person who works all over the country, I want to exceed national job creation rates. My August 12th primary opponent’s jobs record while at the Department of Commerce lagged other states, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

My August 12th opponent co-owns a company that shipped most of its manufacturing to China. Now we learn your hard earned tax dollars are going to ship Wisconsin jobs overseas. I will stop that and try to get our money back.


3. Economic development was the top issue of concern reported during a June 2014 survey of the
Wausau Region Chamber’s members; support for local governments was also a top 10 issue. Name at least one specific action you plan to undertake while in office to assist local governments with developing their local economies.

To create at least 11,000 jobs, my Clean Energy Jobs Plan invests $700 million using an existing state fund, other government, and private funds to save energy and generate cost-effective renewable energy in our schools, state and local government buildings.

Under a program I started in Dane County, we cut energy bills by 18% improving lighting, insulation, heating and air conditioning, and other cost-effective measures on our county building.

I will do this on all 9,000 state building and 3,000 schools and local buildings.

This immediately puts local trades people, engineers and others to work and save your tax money on energy bills.

Restoring the $26 million to Marathon County schools and workers will also create 260 jobs there.

I will restore shared revenue to help your cities and counties address public safety, better roads and other challenges.


4. The projected workers shortage in Wisconsin has been publicized at great lengths during the last
year. One proposed solution is to develop a stronger direct relationship between educators and
employers that would enable the state to proactively address the shortages by identifying
potential future “gaps” in the workforce and then determine the best immediate opportunities
for educational solutions.
How would you help businesses and educators across Wisconsin work together so as to
produce a strong targeted workforce for sustaining Wisconsin’s future?

I helped put together a program at my local technical college to train biofuel plant operators for this growing industry and understand the needs to quickly respond to the changing needs of employers.

That’s why my plan reinvests the $71 million Governor Walker cut from our technical college system, almost 1/3rd of their budget just at the time those workers needed help the most. I will restore the cuts to NTC.

Do you have any other specific proposals for improving workforce development that you wish
to share at this time?

Yes, yes part of my Clean Energy Jobs Plan, I want to train students how to do energy assessments on their schools and involve them as much as possible in upgrading and saving energy.

I will create a Youth Energy Conservation Corps to give young people jobs and training to become trades people in these areas, much as I was a VISTA Volunteer during the 70’s Energy Crisis.

I also want to convert as many of the paper mills that are shutting down to produce advanced cellulose derived biofuels. One study I wrote, Cellulose Prairie, showed that Wisconsin could produce up to 40% of our own liquid fuels and more than 50% of its coal from wood, manure and other biomass sources.

Marathon County is the Saudi Arabia for potential biofuels with lots of wood and waste
for fuel and power.

I will work with you and the UW Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, and the great
UW-Stevens Point researchers to capitalize and build these plants.


5. Employers rely on having a regional pool of well-educated workers to sustain their businesses.
However, schools frequently cite budget insufficiencies as being a major inhibitor to obtaining adequate resources for properly educating students at all levels. In recent months, providing sustainable long-term funding for Wisconsin’s educational institutions has been a heavily-debated issue.
What do you believe is the best option for funding education at any or all levels (EC, K-12, 
technical, UW system, etc…) so as to ensure that Wisconsin is adequately preparing its 
students to competitively enter the workforce of the future?

I recently visited Europe and realized more than ever that we are competing with Germany for high wage jobs, not Mississippi for low wage jobs. Sadly, a recent report showed Wisconsin cut its school funding second most in the nation to Alabama.

As a former math and science teacher, I know that what you earn in life comes from what you learn in school.

I will reinvest $1.1 billion in my school children and yours, the University of Wisconsin Marathon County and the system that I have attended and worked at, and our technical colleges where I helped teach classes.

I want to keep Governor Tommy Thompson’s promise to take 2/3rds of local school costs off the property tax to give people real tax relief also. Amendments I offered in the State Assembly doubled the property tax relief you received.


6. With the passage of Governor Walker’s “Blueprint for Prosperity” tax plan, taxation and
government spending are poised to become target issues for this fall’s political races. Specific
focus has recently been placed on adjusting the balance between property, income, sales and
corporate/business taxes.
What specific reforms, if any, would you propose making to Wisconsin’s current tax system?
If you wouldn't make any reforms, why do you feel the current system is adequate?

Let’s face it, Wisconsin is a property tax hell, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation. I have lived all over the country and never seen a state so reliant on the regressive property taxes to fund all the major costs of government—schools, police, fire, local roads and services.

To address this I doubled down on all of Governor Walker’s property tax plans, my amendment would have cut property tax relief twice as much as his.

I will reform property taxes by re-enacting Governor Tommy Thompson’s goal of funding 2/3rd of our schools with state money, as I mentioned above.

I will also hire more people at the Department of Revenue to help businesses pay their

I support a progressive vehicle registration fee similar to Arizona to help pay for transportation.

I think those steps will take a long way towards a more fair, progressive tax system that
Wisconsin was once known for.


7. Many employers feel that the Affordable Care Act has increased their overall costs, making it
more difficult to provide affordable insurance to employees and forcing them to make tough
decisions regarding staffing and business growth. Although the ACA is a federal initiative, the State potentially has some power to provide certain forms of relief to employers facing difficult budgeting decisions. 
If you are elected, would you actively work to reduce the employer’s burden of health care coverage at the state level, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, and if so, how?

As a small business person myself, I know the huge cost of healthcare for my business and family.

I want to create the state insurance pool that Gov. Thompson tried to create using the Affordable Care Act federal help to expand BadgerCare for All and put the program on a sliding scale so that small to large businesses can participate if they chose to.

This would involve private insurance networks so you have the choice of more doctors
and health professionals.

I will also reverse Gov. Walker’s plan to give up $1.9 billion in federal healthcare aid help
to more than 100,000 people in the next few years. That will also create thousands of
jobs here in Wisconsin.

We should use the federal help to help build our Affordable HealthCare for All System
and increase the health and saves money for Wisconsin’s residents and companies.


8. Affordable energy is critical to the success of business in Wisconsin. Last winter’s propane
shortage, the recent Wisconsin Energies acquisition of Integrys Energy (WPS), and the struggle
to achieve a consistent return on investment for many alternative energy sources are just a few
examples of how the search for reliable, affordable energy regularly impacts businesses and
citizens across Wisconsin.
What action(s), beyond government subsidies, would you pursue if elected to help ensure
energy sources are affordable and consistently available for Wisconsin’s businesses and

I have been in the energy business since the 70’s energy crisis, so I have some experience in this area. Wisconsin sends at least $12 billion out of state each year for gas, coal, and propane each year. This costs us 120,000 jobs at least.

My Clean Energy Jobs Plan starts with local schools, government building to save taxpayer money, increase efficiency and promote cost-effective renewable like solar and wood. I look at each project based on what fits the need and has effective payback periods based on the fact that the state can borrow money at 4%, we can look at projects as long a 5% or 20 year payback.

I will also set a goal of 25% energy efficiency and renewable energy on all government buildings by 2025. This can be a combination of energy savings and renewable sources.

I want to grow the biogas area that Wisconsin now leads the nation with almost 30 biodigesters of cow manure. In Dane County, I help lead efforts to get Community Manure Digesters where groups of farmers can send their waste to produce energy, get nitrogen rich liquid in return and reduce odors and water pollution.

Wisconsin’s 1.2 million dairy cows, Marathon County leading the way, should be able to  power and warm our homes and drive many of our vehicles. There is no reason to pay  for high priced propane when we can make our own gas. At Dane County, we are  converting many of our vehicles to run off landfill gas at less than $1 per gallon. I want to do that statewide.


9. This fall, constituents will be voting on a constitutional amendment to prevent transportation 
funds from being reallocated to the state’s general fund; this practice has, in recent years, 
helped greatly reduce the amount of funds available for state-wide transportation support. As a 
result, Wisconsin’s transportation systems and infrastructure have been declining rapidly across 
the state.
How do you propose the state prioritize addressing the current issues related to maintaining 
and/or improving the current transportation systems for roads, rail and air in and around your 

I have worked on transportation safety for a long time as vice-chair of our county Transportation Committee, member of our Transportation Planning Board, and Long Range Transportation Committees. 

My priorities are:

1. Protect safety—focus on making unsafe roads, especially rural roads, safer and 
making sure our state’s 1,100 deficient bridges do not fall down.

2. Restore the Safe Routes to Schools money to make sure our children can get to
school safely.

3. Increase local road aids to address the potholes from the tough winter and create 
jobs. As someone who drives a 27 year old car that punctured its fuel line on a 
pothole in Madison, I am very sensitive to this concern.

4. Invest in train track upgrades to get our freight and products to market and create 

5. Increase transportation choices by restoring investment for senior transportation, 
Meals on Wheels, our bus system, and work to restore the great train service many 
Wisconsin communities like Wausau once had.

How would you propose funding these priorities with the limited resources currently 

Actually, by focusing our resources on safety first, we can save a lot of money. Local 
road projects also can create more jobs than the same money spent on large widening 

Second, I would look at a progressive vehicle registration fee like Arizona uses. Why  does a $100,000 Hummer pay the same as my $1200 clunker?


10. Many citizens and businesses report feeling that extreme partisanship in the state is preventing 
any real progress from being made in the legislature. Media reporting has generally supported 
this overall image of a grid-locked legislature by promoting stories such as one stating that a 
record number of retiring legislators attributed extreme partisanship as a factor in their decision 
not to run for office this fall. 
Do you personally believe that Wisconsin’s legislature is politically divided to a damaging 

Yes, I experienced this personally when I helped save Senator Glenn Grothman from protestors in 2011. 
This discord was not necessary because these extreme budget cuts were unnecessary. PolitifactWI and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rated Gov. Walker’s statement that we  were “broke and $3 billion in debt” a “Pants on Fire” lie. We had a cash surplus. It’s not that we did not have budget challenges, I have faced budget challenges before as Chair of the county Finance Committee during the recession. We made hard choices, sacrifices, but did it bargaining with our workers rather than dictating extreme cuts from them.

I will work to bring people of all perspectives together to solve our problems and move 
forward for a better Wisconsin.

How will you actively work to reduce the actual and/or perceived political party division 
during your time in office to help move the nation beyond the apparent political gridlock and 
back into action?

First of all, you may have noted that I am a pretty independent person. I have many good Democratic and Republican friends. 

I will meet with each member personally and craft my budget and priorities to include needs for your communities and districts, such as restoring money for their schools, tech colleges and universities.

I like to look for areas where we can agree and move forward. I worked with a rural conservative Republican farmer, Lyman Anderson, on the Dane County board and my conservation and clean lakes measures. I can work with those in the Legislature also.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Brett@Brett4us.org, check out my website at www.Brett4us.org, or call my cell at 608-334-4994.
Don’t forget to vote for Brett on August 12th.

Thank you.

Authorized by Friends of Brett Hulsey, Margie Zilic treasurer, no tax money used. Labor donated