On the Issues

Let’s Get Wisconsin Working Again
Join me to create more jobs, better schools, affordable healthcare, cleaner energy and lakes. Here are proven plans how we can do that and reverse the backward slide that Governor Walker has put us into.

More Jobs

As a small business owner, long time county official, and development corporation board member, I know how to create jobs. That’s why I stood up to Scott Walker’s efforts and extreme budget that kills jobs by slashing investment in job training, our children, schools, healthcare, University of Wisconsin system, local government, and recycling to pay for a $2 billion giveaway to large corporations and ineffective tax credits.

A UW economist told the Wisconsin State Journal that the Walker cuts could cost more than 22,000 jobs. And they have.

That’s why we are 2nd in the nation in job losses and 35th in the nation in creating new jobs.

And all these extreme cuts were unnecessary. Gov. Walker’s statement that we were ‘broke and $3 billion in debt’ was rated a ‘Pants on Fire’ lie by PolitifactWI and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. We had a budget surplus.

During the over 60 hours of Assembly debate, I offered a number of amendments to fix the Walker Unfair Despair Act 10.

My Get Wisconsin Working Plan restores funding for job training, our schools, UW system, healthcare, and it would invest in building projects that will get our people working again while keeping our budget balanced.

Better Schools

My mother has taught English for 37 years at public schools and taught me the importance of good schools to our children and our future.

She also taught me to do my homework before I make a decision. That’s why I stood up to Scott Walker’s record cuts to our children and schools that have created
 more crowded classrooms across the state and laid off more than 3,400 teachers and staff so far, according to the State Department of Public Instruction. 

My solution is a Save our Schools Plan that restores $1.5 billion for job training, our public schools, technical colleges and UW system, restores accountability and funds the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program, reduces class sizes, and requires world class standards for all our schools.

Together, we can make our schools the best in the nation.

Affordable Medicine and Healthcare for All

Making housecalls with my father, a family doctor, taught me the importance of healthcare and medicine for everyone. Running my small business, I know that healthcare is one of the top expenses and a big challenge for our families and employers.

That’s why I stood up when Governor Walker proposed killing the popular SeniorCare Program that helps our older citizens get affordable medicine. I joined Republican and Democratic legislators to stop Walker’s extreme move to make it harder for our seniors to get medicine.

Then Governor Walker wanted to cutting healthcare for 65,000 citizens, including 29,000 children. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said these cuts “risk hurting too many of Wisconsin's poor - especially kids.” That’s like taking medicine and heath care away from everyone in Eau Claire. That is wrong. I agree and joined 32 other legislators to opposing this.

We scaled his cuts back to 17,348 parents with children in the last budget, but now he is taking healthcare from 77,000 more. I think this was illegal and called for a federal investigation of it for healthcare fraud.

My Affordable Health Care Plan expands BadgerCare, SeniorCare, health care exchanges and community health care programs to create larger purchasing pools for small businesses, farmers, schools, local and state government so that they can improve health care while controlling costs.

Cleaner Energy Jobs

Let's stop the purchase of foreign energy sources to meet our renewable energy needs, and move forward with wind, solar and other clean energy sources.

Every year, Wisconsinites send $12.5 billion out of state for energy, costing us about 125,000 jobs. As an energy consultant, I have worked with businesses, grocery stores, advanced biofuel plants across our state on more than $1 billion in upgrade projects that created hundreds of jobs. But Governor Walker slashed funding for clean energy and efficiency programs by 40%. He also proposed some of the strongest wind energy restrictions in the nation that have threatened almost many wind energy jobs.

My Clean Energy Jobs Plan invests in energy efficiency projects on government and other buildings, creating thousands of jobs, and saving taxpayers money on energy bills. I also ban using out of country energy for our Renewable Energy Standard, while Governor Walker wants to allow it.

Cleaner Lakes, Drinking Water and Environment

My family and I love to fish, camp, hunt, bike, and hike across our beautiful state. That’s why I stood up to Scott Walker's attempts to weaken drinking water protections, delay rules to clean up our lakes, and cut money for clean water programs and jobs.

That’s why I want to create a Penokee Hills State Park instead of one of the world’s largest strip mines in northern Wisconsin. I always want to give oversight to the frac sand strip mining that is tearing up the western part of the state.

My Clean Lakes and Water Plan expands electricity-generating, cow-power manure digesters that we have pioneered here in Dane County to farmers across the state to create energy, jobs, and cleaner water. I restore funding to clean water, recycling and habitat conservation programs. I also stop Scott Walker’s efforts to weaken our Clean Water and other environmental health rules.

In summary, these are proven ways that we can get Wisconsin’s worker and government working again to build a better future.

I hope I can count on your support.

Thank you,