Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hulsey Campaign Asks August 12th Primary Opponent 5 Questions on
Her Chinese Jobs Outsourcing, Lead Pollution Lobbying Record—
Video Shows Brett Fought to Protect Jobs While She Outsourced Them

Madison, WI—Today State Representative Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) sent his August 12th primary
opponent another letter asking her to explain her jobs outsourcing and lead pollution lobbying record since she won’t debate him. He sent the last letter on May 21st before the South Central Federation of Labor 55th Annual Bean Feed.

“My August 12th primary opponent refuses to explain her jobs outsourcing record, her support for taking
public servant’s healthcare and retirement benefits, and lobbying for weaker Chinese lead protection standards,” Hulsey said. “A progressive Democrat or union member who votes for my primary opponent is like a chicken who votes for Colonel Sanders, it won’t end well.”

In April, the Hulsey Campaign released a video “Compare Democratic Governor Candidates on Protecting
Jobs” showing that Hulsey protected jobs while his August 12th primary opponent outsourced jobs during her time at her father’s company, Trek, independent reports show. “My August 12th opponent won’t debate and explain why she closed the Klein bike factory and outsourced hundreds of good U.S. jobs to China,” Hulsey added. “With her outsourcing past, we can’t trust her to create jobs here in Wisconsin. My plan will create thousands of jobs here.”

Brett’s Get Wisconsin Working Again Plan creates Wisconsin jobs by reinvesting $2.1 billion for 11,000
clean energy jobs, restores healthcare, retirement and union rights, increases job training, public school, UW
system, and technical college investments, protects communities from strip mining, and creates a Penokee HillsState Park instead of a large strip mine. “As a former union vice president, state and county legislator, and energy consultant, I have made creating Wisconsin jobs and protecting our workers my top priorities. To create jobs in Wisconsin, I would appreciate your vote on August 12th,” Hulsey said.

For more information, go to www.Brett4us.org, contact Brett at Brett@Brett4us.org, or call 608-334-4994.

TO: Mary Burke, August 12th Primary Opponent for Governor

FR: State Representative Brett Hulsey, Democratic Candidate for Governor

RE: Questions on your jobs outsourcing record, worker healthcare and rights, Chinese lobbying record, 2nd try
Delivered by email and Facebook

Good to see you recently but I am sorry you won’t debate me. Given the recent controversy over your jobs
outsourcing record, please answer these questions before the August 12th primary:

1. As one of Trek's private owners and board members, what if anything did you do to stop Trek from
outsourcing jobs to China and overseas? The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:
“Trek — a company founded by Burke's father and a place she worked for nine years — is fighting a
petition filed by a state official saying the firm outsourced some 15 to 20 jobs from its Waterloo plant to
China earlier this year.” A Trek official admitted to outsourcing jobs saying it was “inevitable” and
“necessary” in a 2012 interview but admitted Trek could produce more bikes here in Wisconsin.

2. Why did you shut down and outsource more than 200 Klein bike factory jobs overseas as reported in,
“Mary Burke Addresses Trek Outsourcing 99.5% of Their Bikes”?
“In addition, she (Burke) has said in past interviews that when Trek bought Klein and LeMond bicycles,
she was in-charge of ‘integrating’ Klein and LeMond into Trek…Klein bikes used to be made in Chehalis,
Washington, but when Trek bought them, the plant was closed, and the manufacturing jobs were
eventually outsourced overseas.” (Emphasis added)

3. If Trek made the 99.5% of its bikes in Wisconsin instead of China and overseas, would the company
create 99 times more jobs here? If not 99 times, how many more jobs could you create here?

4. You told a Madison newspaper that “yes,” you liked Gov. Walker’s plan to take healthcare and
retirement benefits from 260,000 public servants in the Unfair Despair Act 10. But this was
unnecessary as Walker’s statements that we were “broke” was rated a “Pants on Fire” lie by the
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and PolitifactWI. The state had a cash surplus.
Will you join me to call for a Special Session to restore healthcare, retirement and worker rights for our
260,000 police, firefighters, teachers, and public servants to create 6,900 private sector jobs?

5. As a board member on the Bicycle Parts Suppliers Association, why did you lobby for weaker lead
paint, Chinese trade rules, lower pay and working conditions, as this story reported?
“During her time at Trek, Burke served as a board member on the Bicycle Parts Suppliers Association
(BPSA), a powerful trade association that, among other things, has lobbied for weakening tariffs and
free trade. In addition, they've defended Chinese manufacturing and fought regulations during the
recent Chinese manufacturing lead paint scare.”(Emphasis added)

Thank you. I, along with all Wisconsin’s workers and voters sincerely look forward to your responses

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brett Will Create Jobs Here in Wisconsin

Contact: Brett Hulsey, 608-334-4994, Brett@Brett4us.org

Hulsey Campaign: 

New Analysis Shows Gov. Walker, Dem. Opponent Both Outsourced Wisconsin Jobs
As Governor, I Will Create Jobs Here, Not China, Ireland, or Illinois 

Madison, WI—A new analysis “Gov. Walker, Dem. Opponent Both Outsourced Wisconsin Jobs” by the Hulsey campaign shows both that Gov. Walker and Democratic challenger both outsourced Wisconsin jobs and failed to keep up with other states in creating jobs.

A recent Channel 27 news report revealed that Gov. Walker’s WI Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) gave money to corporations that outsourced jobs to Ireland and other countries. Under Walker, Wisconsin fell to 37th in the nation in creating jobs and lags all surrounding states.

“As Governor, I will create jobs in Wisconsin, not in Sichuan Province China like my Democratic opponent or Ireland like Governor Walker,” said Hulsey, a member of the Assembly Jobs Committee. “I will not allow Gov. Walker to give our tax money to companies that ship jobs to Ireland or other countries.”

The analysis shows how Ms. Burke co-owns her father’s company Trek bikes that outsourced more than 99% of the manufacturing to China and Taiwan where they pay workers as little as $3 per hour.

“As Governor, I will fight for Wisconsin workers and jobs, not outsource jobs like Governor Walker and my Democratic opponent,” Hulsey said.

In addition to Gov. Walker’s WEDC subsidizing jobs outsourcing, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo and Hulsey Campaign analysis showed that Gov. Walker contributed to the loss of 14,500 job-years by giving up more than $1 billion in healthcare, train and Internet upgrades. Gov. Walker will cost an additional $1.95 billion and 19,500 jobs and healthcare benefits to more than 120,000 people if re-elected.

“Wisconsin workers can’t afford Governor Walker or to go back to the miserable jobs record of Ms. Burke. Vote for real change on August 12th to get Wisconsin working again,” Hulsey concluded.

State Representative Brett Hulsey MNS serves on the Assembly Jobs, Energy, and Tourisms Committees, has college degrees in Political Economy and Natural Science, was a Dane County Supervisor for 14 years, owns an energy and environmental consulting business, and helped build two advanced Wisconsin bioenergy plants.

Paid for by Friends of Hulsey, Margie Zilic treasurer.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Friends,

I am running for Governor to get Wisconsin working again.

Gov. Walker’s Reign of Error has made Wisconsin 2nd in the nation in job losses and 35th in the nation in job creation. By restoring Gov. Walker’s unnecessary cuts, we can prepare my two children and all our kids for higher wage jobs and put our neighbors back to work.

As a small business person who runs an energy and environmental consulting business, Better Environmental Solutions, I have worked on projects to create real jobs across our state from Cassville to Green Bay.

I am also the man with a plan-- my Get Wisconsin Working Again Plan which reinvests $2.1 billion to create clean energy jobs, increases job training, public school, UW system, and technical college investment, reverses the Walker tax increases on working families and senior citizens, saves babies, protects us from strip mining, and creates a Penokee Hills State Park instead of the world’s largest strip mine.

People want a real plan to put people to work, not more empty political rhetoric.

A former union vice president, I will make restoring worker safety, rights and bargained a top priority. We should restore worker rights and unnecessary pay cuts immediately to help jump start our economy and create safer workplaces.

Gov. Walker’s statement that we were ‘broke and $3 billion in debt’ was rated a ‘Pants on Fire’ lie by PolitifactWI and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. These extreme cuts were unnecessary. During the over 60 hours of Assembly debate, I offered a number of amendments to fix the Walker Unfair Despair Act 10.

I have more than three decades of public service experience that include four years in the State Assembly, 14 years on the Dane County Board, 17 years at the Sierra Club, Environmental Policy Advisor to the Clinton Gore Campaign in 1992, and Volunteer in Service to America, VISTA, in the Alaska Energy Office during the 70’s energy crisis.

My educational background includes studying at UW and Dartmouth College Thayer School of Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Natural Science from the University of Oklahoma, and a B.A. in Political Economy from Middlebury College.

I would appreciate your vote in the Democratic primary in August and the general election in November. Sign up, volunteer and help me out.


P.S. Tell all your friends too. Thanks!