Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brett calls for Civil War reenactors as GOP considers proposal to secede

For Immediate Release: April 30, 2014
Contact: State Rep. Brett Hulsey at 608-334-4994

State Rep. Brett Hulsey Needs Civil War Reenactors for Friday
Confederate soldiers to bid Gov. Walker, GOP farewell as they vote to leave the U.S.

Milwaukee, WI—Today State Representative Brett Hulsey, Democratic Candidate for Governor, put out a call for Confederate Civil War reenactors and citizens to bid Governor Walker and the Wisconsin GOP farewell as they consider a resolution to leave the United States at their Annual Convention in Milwaukee on Friday.

            “I want to bid Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans farewell, and hope they enjoy the Confederacy,” Hulsey said. “I have lived and worked in the South and would rather they leave Wisconsin than take us backward and turn us into Wississippi.”

            Brett will outline some of Governor Walker and the WI GOP’s more backward actions like tolerating racist staff comments, making it harder for women and Native Americans to address discrimination, taking $1.5 billion from 2.6 million Wisconsin school children, students, and public servants, making it harder to vote, taking away healthcare from over 90,000 working people, ending studies on racial profiling, and others.

            “Governor Walker’s Reign of Error has made Wisconsin 2nd in the nation in losing jobs. To create a better future for our children, we should strive to be the best in the United States, not leave it,”said Hulsey, who grew up in Oklahoma and worked as the Southern Field Director for Cranston for President in 1984.

            “I am the Governor candidate who has fought with all my might to keep Governor Walker from turning Wisconsin into Wississippi,” Hulsey said. “If elected Governor, I will repeal these measures in the budget.”
            Representative Hulsey asked Confederate re-enactors and others wishing to bid Gov. Walker and the WI GOP farewell to meet on the public sidewalk at the Wisconsin Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Ave. at 3 PM. They will walk to Gov. Walker’s fundraiser at Turner Hall at 4:30.Please bring Conferderate flags, tasteful signs, no profanity please. They will sing favorite songs like the Woodie Guthrie classic, “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know Yuh” and the Confederate anthem “Dixie.”This will be a peaceful event, anyone screaming or advocating violence will be asked to leave.
            State Representative Brett Hulsey is the man with a plan to Get Wisconsin Working Again to reinvest $2.1 billion to create clean energy jobs, job training, public school, UW system, and technical colleges, reverse Gov. Walker’s tax increases on working families and seniors, save babies and reduce abortions, protect women’s rights, communities from strip mining, and create a Penokee Hills State Park instead of one of the world’s largest strip mines.  For more information, contact Brett Hulsey at, or call 608-334-4994.

Authorized and paid for by Friends of Brett Hulsey, 733 Struck Street, #44688 Madison, WI 53744, Margie Zilic, treas. Labor donated. No tax money used.

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Authorized and paid for by Friends of Brett Hulsey, 733 Struck Street, #44688 Madison, WI 53744, Margie Zilic, Treasurer